Eosinophellia is the very common problem now a day because of pollutions; this is a problem that is faced by almost everyone and not once but many times in a year. It usually lasts for a several days. Well, it is not a chronic disease but then the patient tends to feel miserable during the first few days. There is a myth about cold that cold season is a major factor responsible for giving rise to common cold. But that’s not true. In fact there are different kinds of viruses that cause cold.


· Allergic disorders,

· Menstrual cycles

· Person-to-person infection etc.


· Soreness of throat,

· Nose blocking,

· Sneezing,

· Headache,

· Pains in the body

· Rise in temperature.

· Psychological stress,

· Some time wheezing also present

· Cold is basically a problem that starts in the nose and throat, but gradually tends to affect the whole body. So, take remedial measure at the right time so that it doesn’t become a big problem.

Homeopathic Treatment.

In homoeopathic method of treatment we have good effective medicines for these complaint, Homoeopathic medicines have no side effects. Long course of treatment is helpful to reduce these problems

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